Kids never plan fun. It is just a part of their everyday activity – this is the reason why they smile so spontaneously. All people – be it professionals, housewives, even those who are retired should be able to have uninhibited fun the good old way, just on the go, for they will be just as de-stressed and happy.

Sportingo is a Revolution. Yes that’s what it is, a Revolution, not just because it is a first-of-its-kind rooftop arena for playing multiple sports or because it is sunlight independent, but because it is an attempt to bring people from all walks of life back to way fun used to be – playing games, it is not just for causal fun but professional training too. To start with, we have top of the class Futsal and Cricketing facilities.

We are entrepreneurs with sports running in our blood. We have a great team made of sportsmen and enthusiasts’ alike offering the best services at affordable prices.


Our mission is to build a parallel sports ecosystem by establishing over 30 Sportingo centers across the length and breadth of the country in multiple sporting disciplines by the next 5 years. By the next 10 years, we see us being in the forefront of the sporting revolution and a household name.

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